Relax Aromatherapy Collection



Our Relax essential oil blend was where our aromatherapy collection began. It is perfect when you need help to unwind and relax. A dreamy lavender aroma which is blended with vetiver, ginger and a hint of geranium and neroli. All of our aromatherapy products are created with enough essential oils in to work as a treatment.  Relax is perfect to use at an evening to help with a restful nights sleep.

Our Relax Aromatherapy collection is designed to work together to provide an effective aromatherapy treatment. The Essential oil reed diffuser, gently and continually fragrances a room to provide the perfect relaxing environment for rest or sleep. Perfect for a bedroom to aid sleep and relaxation. The Essential oil candle is designed to be burnt when you are needing to unwind and de stress and the room and pillow mist can be sprayed to give an instant hit of our relax blend if feeling stressed or sprayed in a room or on bedding to aid in relaxation before trying to sleep
(always carry out a patch test on fabrics before spraying)



Relax Aromatherapy Collection

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