NorthburN is a ‘Mother and Daughter ‘ team based in Northumberland with a vision of creating a gorgeous Home Fragrance Brand that is the perfect blend of Style, Luxury and Quality.

Each fragrance is created by the duo to produce unique products for the brand.  Hours upon hours are spent in their scent library creating fragrances, followed by months of testing to transform a beautiful scent into a stunning scented candle .  Every candle is hand crafted by the team, from hand blending and pouring the wax to straightening each and every wick to ensure the perfect candle is created.

Just like fashion, fragrances need to change with the seasons so new fragrances are always being added to keep the brand fresh and exciting

So whether you are adding fragrance to your beautiful home, wanting to create ambience and the perfect setting for a dinner party, adding that beautiful candlelight and fragrance for the intimate night in, or giving the perfect gift NorthburN has the perfect product for you.

Styling with Fragrance, the NorthburN way x