Almond & Myrrh Home Candle


Almond & Myrrh is the ultimate cosy warming fragrance, on a cold or rainy day, snuggled down by the roaring fire with your favourite candle burning. Inviting notes of woody myrrh & sweet vanilla resting on the most gorgeous base of creamy tonka bean and nutty almond.


Your NorthburN Home Candle uses a double wick, to ensure you get a smooth even burn every time. Sometimes you may notice a slight hang up of wax on the first couple of burns on your candle, even after 4 hours – this will catch up on subsequent burns. You should burn your home candle for at least 2/3 hours on every burn. Keep your wicks trimmed to stop your candle burning too hot and to stop sooting. Always place any candle on a protective surface when lit i.e a candle plate/coaster.


Almond & Myrrh Home Candle

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