Almond & Myrrh Travel Tin Candle


Almond & Myrrh is the ultimate cosy warming fragrance, on a cold or rainy day, snuggled down by the roaring fire with your favourite candle burning. Inviting notes of woody myrrh & sweet vanilla resting on the most gorgeous base of creamy tonka bean and nutty almond.


Your NorthburN Travel Tin Candle is perfect for a smaller room such as bathroom, hallway etc. They come with a tin lid which is perfect for placing on your candle to extinguish. You can pop your candle on top of the lid to protect surfaces while burning. Each travel tin will burn for around 20 hours. Please keep your wick trimmed to ensure your candle does not burn too hot and to stop your candle from sooting.

Almond & Myrrh Travel Tin Candle

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