Almond & Myrrh Wax Melts


Almond & Myrrh is the ultimate cosy warming fragrance, on a cold or rainy day, snuggled down by the roaring fire with your favourite candle burning. Inviting notes of woody myrrh & sweet vanilla resting on the most gorgeous base of creamy tonka bean and nutty almond.


Your NorthburN Wax Melts are essentials in fragrancing your home, they are cost effective and give an almost instant hit of fragrance. Our wax melts come in hearts, which make them easy and clean to use, simply pop 1/2 melts in the top of your warmer depending on the size of your room.

Please note that the melted wax will never burn away, you will always be left with unfragranced wax which will need to be removed from your warmer before popping in new wax melts. To remove old wax from your warmer simply place a fresh unscented tealight below and light, wait 30 seconds and then your wax will pop out in a disc ready for you to discard.

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Glass jar of Hearts with chrome lid, Pack of 10 Hearts, Pack of 5 Hearts


Almond & Myrrh Wax Melts