Mandarin & Bergamot Reed Diffuser


The scent of summer, bring the sunshine indoors with our newest scent. This fragrance opens with lavish cool citrus notes of mandarin and bergamot, with a punchy dash of rum and honey. A beautiful floral heart of Brazilian purple orchid, rose oil, orange blossom and jasmine. Resting on a perfectly rounded base of myrrh, sandalwood and suede. This fragrance epitomises summer, it takes you away to southern Brazilian shores.

Your NorthburN reed diffuser will fragrance your home effortlessly. Each diffuser comes with fibre reeds which will only need to be turned once a week, when you need a fragrance boost. Your 100ml reed diffuser can last up to 12 weeks. Please note if you place your reed diffuser in direct sunlight, above a radiator or during hotter months it will evaporate quicker. Always keep your diffuser bottle on a protective surface and when flipping the reeds do so over a sink.

Your NorthburN reed diffuser works with the airflow in a room, if you can’t smell your diffuser as strong as you would like, try placing it in a different area of the room to find the sweet spot. You can also control the strength of a reed diffuser by how many reeds you pop into your diffuser bottle, the more reeds the stronger the fragrance will be.

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100ml, 100ml Refill, 50ml

Mandarin & Bergamot Reed Diffuser