Relax Aroma Melts



Our Relax essential oil blend was where our aromatherapy collection began. It is perfect when you need help to unwind and relax. A dreamy lavender aroma which is blended with vetiver, ginger and a hint of geranium and neroli. All of our aromatherapy products are created with enough essential oils in to work as a treatment.  Relax is perfect to use at an evening to help with a restful nights sleep.

Your NorthburN Aroma Melts are made from pure essential oils and can work as an at home aromatherapy treatment or simply to fill your home with a beautiful fragrance your home .They are a cost effective way to fragrance your home and give an almost instant hit of fragrance. Our aroma melts come in individual squares, which make them easy and clean to use, simply pop 1/2 melts in the top of your warmer depending on the size of your room.

Please note that the melted wax will never burn away, you will always be left with unfragranced wax which will need to be removed from your warmer before popping in new wax melts. To remove old wax from your warmer simply place a fresh unscented tealight below and light, wait 30 seconds and then your wax will pop out in a disc ready for you to discard.

Relax Aroma Melts

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