Relax Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser


You may have tried our best selling Relax essential oil blend bath salts, but now it is time to try our newest addition to the Relax family; the essential oil blend reed diffuser. Place in your bedroom and the beautiful blend of lavender and vetiver will drift gently through your room. We suggest you start by using only 4 reeds in the diffuser, then you can add or take away reeds depending on how strong you would like the throw to be. If you struggle with sleeping, try running a hot bath and use your NorthburN Relax bath salts about an hour before you go to bed. Spritz your pillow with our Relax pillow mist before bed and you will find yourself in a deep slumber.

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100ml, 100ml Refill

Relax Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser